Hey loves! 

First, we want to thank all our new and loyal customers from the bottom of our hearts! Your continued support means the world to us.

Secondly, as we have grown far beyond our little town in South Arkansas, we get a lot of blank stares and confusion regarding our name. We finally realized if you don’t live in our area, you probably don’t know the story of The Perfects.

It all began 14 years ago in a tiny little “nook” when our mom opened up Perfect Touch. She was a massage therapist, so obviously, Perfect Touch was a great name. Perfect Touch quickly grew into a bigger building with gifts. We then added a coffee shop, Perfect Cup, a tanning salon, Perfect Glo, and finally, our beloved clothing boutique Perfect Fit.

We grew all this by giving our customers a memorable experience when they visited. Nestled in a quaint little tucked-away shopping village, we wanted to offer something different and unexpected. We made it our goal to treat everyone like family, spend time with each customer no matter how busy we were, be honest and transparent with our customers, and stay true to ourselves.

About Us Shop The Perfects

As our business continued to grow, our customers started to refer to our little collection of shops as “The Perfects,” needless to say, it stuck. As we grew into other towns, we decided to go with our customers and name it all The Perfects Boutique.

Do we believe we are perfect? Absolutely not! However, when you shop with us, whether online or in-store, we hope you get the perfect experience!

We hope you find that PERFECT outfit with the PERFECT fit and feel as though you look PERFECT. It has never been just a sale to us; our customers have become our family.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! Enjoy your PERFECT shopping experience:-)

Loves Becky and Caitlyn