Our Grand Entrance

Hey friends! You have all been so great to us and supportive that you have become family to us here at The Perfects, and what do families do? They know each other’s deepest darkest secrets, so here we are, The Perfects, to reveal those  secrets to you! JK! There are no dark secrets here, but we do want to include you in every way possible since you are our family. We want you to know EVERYTHING  so, without further ado, welcome to The Perfects blog! Woot Woot! We’ve done Facebook, we’ve done Instagram, and we’ve done the online store, so now it is time we do some blogging. Come here every week to hear the latest Perfects news, learn about new items, and just what all is going on in our heads that day. We hope you are just as excited about it as we are! I’m planning on posting at least twice a week, so be on the lookout. Until then, stop by and see your family, The Perfects! CHEERS!



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