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SSCO Retro Snap Fleece Jacket

$ 118.00

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You’re walking in off the chilly street with your hot coffee in your hand and hear the “oh my GAWD. Where did you get that jacket!?” again. In this little retro number you’ll get that often. Dare I say it might even get a bit annoying? We wanted a flirty, vintage fleece combined with our classic, carefully hand-rendered art style (and maybe just a hint of edgy bomber vibes)—the retro snap was the result. Good luck finding something more original.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Retro-style
  • traditional pile fleece jacket
  • bomber style silhouette
  • Dolman sleeve with oversized fit
  • Polyester trim at chest pocket and seam/body openings for a sporty and vintage look
  • 4 Unique to SSCO Printed options
  • 2 solids
  • Full Snap Button Closure
  • Hand warmer pockets with snaps
  • Medium Front Length: 24.25 inches